We help those
doing good,

do good better.

Our heart is to partner with organizations doing good in the world and help them do good more effectively by maximizing resources, achieving organizational goals, and building healthy teams and sustainable systems through strategic project management in the areas of in donor development, event planning, remote collaboration and systems development. 


How we do it

Project Strategy Consultation

Determining the right plan to turn your goals into operational realities.



Putting the plan to reach your goals into action, focusing on clear communication and attention to details.


Managing the details of your events, allowing you to focus on what's most important.

Project Management Coaching

Customizing a project management coaching program catered to your unique needs.

the team

Wanna join the team? 

Jenn is a Project Strategist with more than 20 years of Project Management and operations experience.


She loves working with teams to understand their unique needs and helping them work more efficiently together in order to grow their impact with a customized approach.

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Jenn Hamel

CEO & Partner

Caitlin is a Project Manager with more than eight years of experience in the non-profit industry, with a special interest in fundraising events. 


She is passionate about helping others create processes by understanding a team’s goals, culture, and organizational structure.

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Caitlin Emas

VP of Events & Partner

Nick is a project manager with experience in diverse, global teams across multiple industries. 


He is a believer in the power of communication to promote efficiency and teamwork, always keeping the needs of his clients in mind to ensure project success and stakeholder satisfaction.

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Nick Gossett

Project Manager

Carolyn is a project manager with 15 years of experience leading projects and programs for ministries and non-profits.

She is a problem solver and loves helping teams achieve their desired outcomes by building bridges and fostering an environment of respect and camaraderie.

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Carolyn Wildermuth

Project Manager

Heidi is a detail-oriented planner who loves to come alongside people and equip them with the tools to succeed.

With experience in both the for- and non-profit sectors, she loves collaborating with teams, taking ambitious ideas and making them executable.

Heidi Rosenblatt

Project/Operations Associate

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What people are saying

Jenn helped our company grow by helping build terrific processes and instituting game-changing communication.

Our bottom line improved during this time—by focusing everyone on efficiency—and the projects were more fun as we had more success to celebrate together.

Barna wouldn’t be where it is today without Jenn!

David Kinnaman, President


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