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About us

J Hamel Consulting is a small (but growing!) company that partners with organizations doing good in the world; we help them do good more effectively. 


We work across the organizational spectrum, from top-level decision makers to team members tasked with implementing an organization’s vision who often hold much of the responsibility but little authority. Through strategic project management, we help organizations maximize resources to achieve their goals.


...and we want to help you get your footing! Our sweet spots are helping in a few unique ways:

  • We can project manage in a pinch: When you just need some hands-on PMs quickly without much ramp-up time. You just have to GET. STUFF. DONE.


  • We make goals an operational reality: When there's a new vision or idea that's captured on a 2-page memo, and the team needs to figure out how to start, and how to make this 2-page memo an actual, tangible, reality.  


  • We provide project management for major giving events: For non-profits that have an upcoming President's gathering, launch gala, or other high-touch fundraising events, we can take a load off the current staff to help your organization get it done -- and get it done well. 


  • We coach along side you: If you're in a place where you're new to your role, you have a lot of responsibility but no authority, and you need to get traction on your responsibilities, we can help you create and shape ways to work that will be effective in your unique organization, with your unique teams, and your unique goals.


We also want to help companies who may never be able to work with us directly by providing good, practical, and helpful content freely through blogs, resources, etc. so that people don't have to feel alone and overwhelmed when facing the inevitable (and quite normal) struggle of: "I have to get more done with fewer resources. Where do I start?"


We instill trust in our own team and in clients' teams.


We respect the people involved in the project, and we work to make their jobs a little easier.


We're always looking for ways to communicate transparently and proactively.

hard work

Work does not define us, but when we're "on," we bring your A-game. 


Although we're certainly professional, we are our true selves in all that we do.


Although the term "core values" can be over used (or sometimes just appear as big banners in a company cafeteria with little infiltration into the day-to-day life of the organization), we really hold to these: